“Kalettes are ideal, not only as an accompaniment – but as a delicious finger food.”

Ross Geach  

Jack Stein

“My favourite way to eat Kalettes is simply steamed, then sauted in some olive oil – delicious.”

Jack Stein

Good, simple food is very often, even most often, about taste.

When we say Kalettes® are good for you, that’s an understatement.

How very British of us to be so modest.

Loaded with antioxidants, Beta-carotene, Vitamin C.

Packed with protein, Omega 3, Vitamin K.

Kalettes® can help reduce cholesterol

which can reduce the risk of heart disease.


There’s more ways to enjoy Kalettes® than you can imagine!

Kalettes® – so versatile and delicious, you’ll be amazed at how many ways you can cook them.








Why not try one of our delicious recipes.
You won’t be disappointed.

How to grow Kalettes®

Sew in a seed tray in March


Plant out in May after being hardened off in a cold frame


Space Plants 60-80cm apart and cover with a net


When the leaves drop the Kalettes® will begin to mature.
Harvest November to early April

Kalette seed shown be sown into a seed tray in March and planted out in May, after being hardened off in a cold frame for a week or so. The plants should be spaced at around 60-80cm from each other, the Kalette is a big plant, it needs time and space to reach its full potential. Ideally the plants should be covered with a net for the first few months to help protect them from pests. The leaves on the Kalette plants should begin to drop as autumn begins, and the Kalettes® themselves will start to mature from the bottom of the plant upwards. If you want to the leaves can be removed by hand which will help speed up maturity. The plants will have a fairly long harvest period and will usually produce a second flush of Kalettes® over a season. Your seed pack will contain a mixture of Kalette varieties which will mature at different rates meaning that you should be able to harvest from November until early April.

Kalettes®, Chorizo & Sweet Potato Hash

Delicious, easy to cook one pot dish, perfect for cold winter nights.


Kalettes®, Caramelised Onion & Cheese Tart

A wholesome, healthy tasty tart, perfect as a lunch or supper

Cheese Tart

Sweet & Salty Kalette Crisps

A fantastic way to introduce kids to Kalettes®!

Kalette crisps

Kalette Pesto

Everyone loves pesto, now here’s a real twist on this classic dish!

Kalette Pesto

Where to Buy Kalettes®

As more and more people discover just how good we are, so you’ll soon find us everywhere. Since 2010 you could buy Kalettes® in Marks and Spencer only from November until March.

If you’re wondering why we’re not on sale all year round, the answer’s simple. It’s because we’re grown naturally and locally and we’re a seasonal veg. It means we’re growing vegetables the way they’re meant to be grown.

But don’t worry about running out of Kalettes®. Buy loads, then pop them in your freezer for use throughout the year.

Apart from Marks and Spencer, you’ll find us in a growing list (sorry about the pun) of retailers from Asda to Waitrose. In fact, anywhere that prides itself on offering its customers the best food.


Kalettes® – The Story

It’s not really a story, not in the fairy tale kind of way, but it does have a happy ending. Assuming you rush out and try some that is.

Nearly twenty years ago, some very smart men and women decided they wanted to grow a new variant of kale. One that had even more taste and had done away with the hard stalk that kale often has. Now, these foodies, also happened to work for the seed house, Tozer Seeds. Very handy.

Growing a new vegetable isn’t as easy as you may think. It can take an awful lot of trial and effort and even more patience. But eventually they hit on the perfect combination – kale crossed with Brussels sprouts. This blend allowed the best characteristics of each vegetable to shine. The crisp crunch of kale with the rich nutty favour of sprouts. It also looked good. Like a tiny cabbage with green frilly leaves and streaks of purple.

Today, Kalettes® are showing the world that when it comes to vegetables, Britannia might not rule the waves, but we certainly rule the ploughed field.



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