Christmas is coming up quick now and it won’t be long before jingle bells fill the air. With it comes all the gorgeous treats and delicious goodies that this time of year is so famous for.

But, if you’re worrying about the size of your waistline come January, then you could be on the hunt for ways to ensure Christmas doesn’t make you pile on loads of weight.

We all know that, with the break from the usual routine, weight loss isn’t so easy when the holidays roll around. In addition to all the naughty treats that are about, there’s all the things to get done in advance – present buying, making plans for Christmas dinners, decorations, parties and family days out – so much so, that keeping fit and healthy could be the last thing on your mind.

But there are a few things you can do to keep a handle on it during this busy time. Check out these festive weight maintenance tips to ensure that, even if weight loss isn’t on the cards at Christmas, weight gain isn’t either:

Exercise planning

Planning is always a good idea, whether you’re preparing for a wedding, planning a party, getting ready for Christmas, or indeed, looking to keep yourself fit and healthy. Plan what you’re doing from day to day in a diary and see if and when you can find the time to fit workouts in. Obviously impromptu things crop up, but generally you should get a better picture of what what needs doing and when.

Beware the booze

Christmas is traditionally a time to have a tipple or two – after all, it’s not called Merry Christmas for nothing. Yet, it’s booze that can be responsible for pretty much doubling your daily calorie intake – especially during party season. So, look to mix a glass of water in between your drinks. Also, try to find less calorific options than wine and beer, such as spirits with slimline mixers.

Get active where you can

So, you’ve stuffed yourself full of turkey and now the comfort of the couch and an afternoon of Christmas movies beckons. But, beware…. the sofa and all its snuggly warmth can be the devil in disguise… so how about making yourself feel positively saintly by going for a long wintry family walk after dinner, to blow away the cobwebs and burn off a few calories?

Keeping active where you can over the holidays – even by running up the stairs instead of walking, or walking to the shops instead of driving – will help you to ward off the weight gain.

Be selective with your blow outs

It’s hard to miss all the gorgeous food and drink that’s about at this time of year, and Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without the treats, so here are some quick tips on how to moderate your festive calorie intake without the dreaded FOMO:

● Hide goodies away from immediate eyesight
● Make treats a hassle to get to
● Avoid the temptation to nibble and graze throughout the day
● Put more healthy food within easy reach – such as a bowl of clementines, carrot sticks and low fat dip etc..
● Drink plenty of water to ward off the hunger pangs
● Get filled up with lots of healthy veggies, fibre and protein at mealtimes
● Keep portion sizes small
● Intersperse naughty mealtimes/ festive events with healthy mealtimes

And remember to have lots of fun!