One of the main things associated with Halloween is the shed load of sweets and treats gathered by little ghouls and goblins while they roam the streets.

The oodles of buckets and bags spilling over with sugary snacks are arguably enough to give any dentist the chills.

But not everything has to be sugar coated at this time of year.  Halloween party food and indeed the treats you provide for trick or treaters can be healthy and fun at the same time.

Believe us? Check out these eight healthy and fun party food ideas for starters:

  • Zombie avocado toast – create a face using smashed up avocado with veggies scattered on the top in the shape of a scary face for this ghoulishly green toast
  • Skeleton snack tray – veggie sticks, such as carrots, peppers and cucumber, mini sausages, olives and strips of cheese all laid out like a skeleton
  • Devilled egg brains – scoop out the yolks from boiled eggs, mix up the yolks with mayonnaise, vinegar salt and pepper, as well as a bit of red food colouring and pipe in on top of the boiled eggs to look like brains
  • Haunted pizza – wholemeal pizza bases with tomato puree and mozzarella cut into the shape of ghosts.
  • Platter of carrots laid out in the shape of a pumpkin with pots of dip for eyes and a ghoulish mouth. Use green veggies such as kale to make the stalk and mouth
  • Stuffed peppers with faces cut out in a similar way to carved pumpkins with their brains spilling out of their eyes and head
  • Stuffed mushroom eyeballs – fill the mushrooms with ricotta topped with olives or sundried tomatoes to look like eyes.
  • Worm burgers – get some frankfurter sausages chopped up to look like worms and stick them in a burger bun with lots of tomato ketchup for bloody effect!

And for the trick or treaters there are all sorts of things that you can hand out which don’t have to cost the earth. How about little bottles of flavoured water to keep them hydrated on their journeys round, or maybe a toy spider, snake or other ghoulish gift?

In addition, treats like boxes of raisins, cheese strings, chocolate covered fruit, pumpkin seeds, fruit yo-yos or little bags of popcorn. Yoghurt coated, or even chocolate covered raisins are healthier than just tons of sugary sweets.

Another idea for kids at Halloween is ghost kebabs. The ghosts can be white marshmallows with little drips of melted dark chocolate for the eyes and mouth.

Insterperse them along the kebab sticks with strawberries and other pieces of fruit that have been dipped in the chocolate to make an exciting, low fat, healthy treat.