Kalette Bagels With Avocado & Nut Smash




Ready In:

30 mins



Kalette Bagels With Avocado & Nut Smash

Avocados have become the thing to eat if you’re having brunch. But how do you make this achingly trendy meal, just a little more, well, more? The answer lies in our little, crisp Kalettes® and the depth of flavour that they’ll add. All you need do now is get yourself a fixie bike and start hanging out in a trendy coffee shop.



• 1 Pack Kalettes®
• 500g Strong Bread Flour
• 200g Tepid Water
• 10g Fresh Yeast
• 45g Granulated Sugar
• 5g Salt
• 1 Egg
• 30g Softened Butter
• 1 Ripe Avocado
• 20g Hazelnuts
• 20g Cashew Nuts
• Honey


Put the Kalettes® and water in a blender and pulse until you get a smooth liquid.

Pass the liquid through a fine-meshed sieve and keep aside to make the dough.

Put the flour, sugar, salt, egg, butter and yeast in a bowl. Start bringing the dough together while adding the juice little by little. You will see the dough turning a deep green. Knead until you have a smooth, even dough. Leave to rest for 10 minutes covered with a damp cloth.

Roll out the dough to a depth of around 2 cm.

Cut circles using a large cutter then use a smaller one to create the inner hole.

Leave the rings to rest on baking parchment for another 10 minutes.

In the meantime, start heating plenty of oil in a pan.

After 10 minutes, when the oil is hot, start frying the bagels. When you put them into the oil they will sink but when the dough starts rising they will float to the top. Turn them a couple of times so they cook evenly on both sides. When golden, remove and drain on kitchen paper.

When cooled, peel and smash the avocado and run a knife through the nuts to break them down a little – flash them under a grill to add a little colour and warmth.

With a serrated knife slice open the bagels and top with the smashed avocado, and sprinkle the nuts. Drizzle a little honey over to add a sticky sweet taste.