What’s your favourite kind of food around Bonfire Night? The weather traditionally has a freezing bite in the air, so what better than to enjoy something warm and wonderful to make you feel all toasty from the inside.

There are certain foods that are so satisfying at this time of year. So, from the saintly, to the sinful, here’s three of our favourite treats to enjoy while watching the fireworks this Bonfire Night.

Homemade soup

Making your own soup has never been easier, thanks to handy compact soup maker devices that can whizz up your favourite flavours in no time at all. We’re literally talking minutes, rather than hours, to create anything from carrot and coriander, to stunning broccoli, potato and stilton. When you use some of the vegetables that are in season at this time of the year, such as the ones just mentioned, it’s an even better way to get the very best out of the flavours in your food.

In autumn and winter, when there’s so many more cold and flu type bugs around, it’s a great idea to keep stocked up on all the vital vitamins and minerals that can help boost your immune system.

As we know, leafy greens, such as kale and KalettesⓇ are a great source of all the good stuff, so here’s a healthy and delicious cream of KalettesⓇ, potato and carrot soup to warm your hands on while watching the fireworks.

Toffee apple treats

Of course, we know that apples are a great way to eat healthy and stay healthy, thanks to the fact that they’re packed full of some great doses of vitamins, antioxidants and fibre. But how about making them all the more special by dipping them in some melted toffee to make for an awesome crunchy autumnal treat? It is literally as simple as melting caster sugar, water and golden syrup together and again takes minutes to do.

Then, either dip them in some hundreds and thousands, or leave them as they are and just wait for the toffee to harden. If you want to get really clever, you can concoct all sorts of treats, such as using salted caramel, or melted chocolate instead. But, for a really super simple way to do it – check out these homemade toffee apples from BBC Good Food.

Toasted marshmallows and S’mores

Standing by a campfire or bonfire (at a safe distance), toasting marshmallows is a fabulous thing to do when you’re making the most out of the great outdoors on a cold and frosty night.

And when you’re doing things US style, trying out some s’mores is a fabulous idea. Just the thought of oozy marshmallows dipped in melted chocolate and smashed up biscuits sounds amazing.

And if you fancy getting it all prepared beforehand, or trying out s’mores with the little ones, how about this S’mores Pops recipe by Lorraine Pascale? Again, super easy to do, but guaranteed to please!