The nutrition

Greens are good for you. Everyone knows that. So, if one green’s good for, imagine how healthy two are. Kalettes, a combination of kale and Brussles sprouts, take healthy to a new level. A super-healthy if you will.

Firstly, they’re loaded with antioxidants. These include beta-carotene and vitamin C, as well as various flavonoids and polyphenols. As you’d expect, anti-oxidant is anti (coming from the Greek for, against or opposed to) and oxidant. And an oxidant can be anything from aging to cancer. So, anything that’s anti this has got to be good.

Kalettes are also packed with protein. You know, the stuff your body needs to build and repair itself.

They have Omega 3 in them, the fatty acids you usually only get in oily fish. Breath-saving news indeed, but Omega 3 is good for our brains and eyes and it helps keeps our joints and skin healthy.

But wait, there’s more.

Kalettes can help reduce cholesterol and reducing this can reduce the risk of heart disease.

They contain vitamin K. Now, you might not have heard of this vitamin, but if you want blood that clots when you need it to clot, then vitamin K’s what you need.

The list of goodness that these little beauties pack, goes on. Needless to say, if you care about your health, then Kalettes should be on your weekly shopping list.