The taste

Kalettes have the tender, taste of young kale. You know, that deep, rich, earthy taste. Well, it is grown in earth, so that bit kind of makes sense. But, they also have the complex, sweet nutty taste of Brussles sprouts. This extra layer of flavour makes Kalettes a vegetable the perfect accompaniment for most dishes. They’ve got the right amount of taste oomph.

And because they’re quite subtle, they’re really good when you’re making healthy smoothies. Not only because of the taste, but because of the nutrients they’re packing. A favourite of ours is the Kalettes, pineapple, and almond-milk smoothie.

So next time you finish a quick 10K jog in record time and someone asks you ‘What’s that green drink you’ve got there? You can reply, ‘Oh this, it’s just my Kalette shake’.